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Monday Beat Down: because all Mondays need to be punched in the face.

The Master (a.k.a. Three Evil Masters) (IMDB link)

The video I’m linking to is a shortened version of the movie’s beginning. This is one of my all-time favorite movie introductions due to how it demonstrates the skill of the stars and the methods of the characters while setting up the plot. I became an instant fan of Chen Kuan-tai, the Master, due to skill he shows off here. He exudes a coolness while fighting that helps sell the fact that he’s a true master without having to go through all the tricks of making him look old. Did the evil master with the white hair look familiar? It’s the great Wong Lung Wei, one of my Top 3 favorite bad guys in these movies. Oddly enough, he played Chen Kuan-tai’s main henchman in Crippled Avengers. Yeah, the intro to Wu-Tang’s Severe Punishment came from this movie’s beginning, but you only hear the last line here.

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